Artist Statement - Carlos Bueno

Through photography, I like to capture the human presence interacting with its environment. The feelings and the ideas that arose during the shooting start developing in front of my eyes as I edit my photographs. I also know that performing subtle modifications, like accentuating the shadows or manipulating the colors, are crucial to connect and transfer emotions to my audience. On the other hand, there are always questions that arise when revisiting the photos while I work on them, because images tend to address unspoken issues. For example, pictures of barefoot children that are probably not children in their minds anymore, or sights of human manifestations regardless of people's presence, are central in my work.

Throughout my life, I have been in many places far away from my hometown, for very long periods of time. That physical distance has allowed me to space myself from my origins and discover new values beyond my own culture. That experience has enlarged my horizons, and I strive to capture and share the emotions and experiences through my images. I guess I have become an observer and a storyteller of the human presence

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